Kriyayoga Mahakali Siddhapeeth

Our life must reveal the light we are.
–Swami Nityananda

Mahakali Siddhapeeth, Kalibadi


Kalibadi is situated in Borkanhar- Pauldona road in Amgaon tehsil of Gondia district. This is in tribal belt of Vidarbha region of Maharastra state, India. This place is in the heart of the country just in the central point from eastern, western, northern and southern ends. Kalibadi is in a distance of five kilometers from Amgaon Railway Station of South Eastern Railway and from Gondia Railway Station it is just twenty-seven kilometers. This is in between Nagpur city and Raipur city and from here Nagpur is 180 km and Raipur is 181 km by road, and by train both Nagpur and Raipur are in a distance of 250 km each. Nagpur and Raipur are connected by air to other airports of India. Gondia and Amgaon are also connected to Mumbai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Bhopal, Gwalior, Kolkatta, Jamsedpur, Jharsuguda, Bilaspur and Hyderabad by train.

Place in History

Padampur, a place of historical importance is just two kilometers away from Kalibadi. Padampur was capital of Vakatak kings and Queen Prabhavati Gupta was ruling in 4th Century AD. The period of Gupta dynasty is regarded as the golden period in Indian history. King Bhavadatta Verma from the Vakatak lineage of Gupta Dynasty attacked and took possession over Vidarbha and made Padampur his capital. Prabhavati Gupta was the chief queen, agramahisi, of King Second Rudrasen of this dynasty and she was ruling on behalf of her minor son as Yuvaraj janani, mother of the prince of the kingdom. She was a devotee of Goddess Chamunda and a copper plate, tamra patra, is found in her name that exhibits an upward triangle. This triangle is believed to be the ‘yoni mudra’ of Mahakali. This proves that the dynasty was worshiper of the Goddess. On excavation from the ruins here near the banks of River Bagh many stone statues and deities are recovered; also one stone statue of Goddess Sharada was recovered from Bagh River during flood. This deity Sharada is Chamunda Kali.

Padampur was also the birthplace of great Sanskrit poet Bhavabhuti who was contemporary of world famous Sanskrit poet Kalidas. The Sanskrit drama, Malati Madhava by the poet Bhavabhuti was famous in Sanskrit literature and in that the description of Goddess Chamunda was there. His second drama Uttara Ramacharita Manasa was world famous. Kalibadi and the Kali temple both are attached with this historical and religious land.

Amgaon is five kilometers from Padampur and was capital of Tanyababu in 1800AD and He was a Subedar of Appasaheb Bhonsle of Nagpur. Appasaheb was ruling over an area from Venganga River of Bhandara district to Bagh River, Kamta and up to Lanji of Madhya Pradesh. In 1818 he had fought against the Britishers, Army of East India Company on the banks of river Venganga, at Sanagadi, Pratapgarh, Ranatola (Amgaon), Kamta and Lanji. The memorial shrine of Appasaheb Bhonsle is at Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Kalibadi is situated just adjacent to such historical places. At Amgaon there is a great Kali temple and a Shiva temple in the same name, Mahakali Siddhapeeth. Both Kalibadi and Amgaon Kali temple and Shiva temple are run under the management of Mahakali Siddhapeeth, Amgaon.

Kalibadi and Temple

Here in the premises of Kalibadi one sees the natural beauty of the forest saved, full of greenery and ornamented with flowers, peaceful atmosphere; hears the melodious songs of forest dwelling birds, even one can occasionally meet a group of visiting langurs, wild rodents, a forest cat, a mongoose or a jackal; and in between standing the gracious temple of Mahakali singing the glory of Mahakala and Mahakali. At the entrance of the temple the statue of Bhagavan Mahavinayak Ganesh is worshiped assuring the devotees to get rid of all obstacles in their worldly life and spiritual journey. A beautiful statue of Goddess Dakshina Kali (south facing Kali) is the center of attraction here and is the chief deity. The statues of ten great powers of Knowledge, Dashamahavidya, viz. Kali, Tara, Sodashi, Bhuvaneswari, Chhinnamasta, Tripura Bhairavi, Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi, Matangi and Kamalatmika are also established here along with the statues of Bhavani Shankar, Goddess Durga and Vatuka Bhairav.


Goddess Kali is the first among the Dashamahavidya. In Mahavidya Strotram of Mundamala Tantra, She is described as,

Om namaste chandike chandi chanda-munda-vinashini,

Namaste kalike kali mahabhaya vinashini;

Shive raksha jagadhatri prasida haravallabhe,

Pranamami jagadhatri jagat palana karinim.

Om, we bow down to Goddess Chandika, Chandi the destroyer of demons Chanda and Munda. We bow down to Kalika, Kali who is the destroyer of the great terror. Oh, consort of Lord Shiva, save us. Oh, beholder of the world, you please become graceful to us. We bow down to the beholder of world, who is nourishing the world.

She is the Supreme Power, the Cosmic Energy, and our Life Force, prana. She is Mahaprana, the great vital power. She is the killer of demons Chanda and Munda. Chand represents our desires in seed form in our subconscious and Munda represents our manifested desires in mind. These desires are the cause of bondage. If we resort to our vital energy, prana, within, our mind along with its desires will be absorbed in it. This is the principle of Yoga. She is the consort of Lord Shiva, the Supreme Consciousness; means She is the power of Supreme Consciousness, citti shakti, hence one with Him. She is the beholder and nourishes of the world since the Life Force is holding and nourishing us. Her worship is external and internal, external for common man with faith and devotion that works as miracle and internal for yogis in pursuit of knowledge.

Mahakali Siddhapeeth, Amgaon

The Mahakali Siddhapeeth, Amgaon is situated in the midst of Amgaon near a pond named Mahadev Bodi. Here is a temple of Dashabhuja Mahakali, Kali with ten hands and is also a temple of Bhavani Shankar Pataleswar Mahadev. With Mahakali the deities of Dashamahavidya are being worshiped. From the year 2000 on wards Akhanda Jyoti is being lit here.


Most of the rituals are common to Mahakali Siddhapeeth, Kalibadi and Amgaon. Here in the temples at Kalibadi and Amgaon, the worshiping-rituals are done everyday along with morning and evening arati. Abhisek of Mother Divine is done on 8th day, no-moon day and full-moon day of lunar fortnights. Special pujas are done on Ganesh Chaturthi and Shivaratri. On both the Navaratris there are arrangements for special pujas, akhanda jyoti and lighting one thousand and eight jyotis everyday for nine days. On the days of Deepavali abhisek, special puja and ten thousand and eight deepas are lighted for three days viz. Dhantrayodashi, Narakachaturdashi and Mahalakshmi puja day. Mahalakshmi is also Kali and in Bengal Kalipuja festival is observed in these days. Amgaon is the only place in India where ten thousand and eight deepas are lighted. The devotees lit 108 jyotis almost everyday to offer Goddess Kali in memory of their near and dear ones at Amgaon and do Abhisek and special puja on request on various days at both the places. At Amgaon during Navaratri, Deepavali and Shivarari, jagarana, bhajan and satsang programs are arranged and the days are observed with high spirit. Through these activities devotees are attached to faith and path of righteousness.

Activities: i) Kriya-yoga meditation

The principle and techniques of Yoga started from Lord Shiva and Goddess Shivaa. They govern our life, birth and death. They are not the deity of a sect as generally people understand nor a statue with a form; they are a principle, tatva, the principle that our life is, our breath, the source of our inhalation and exhalation, our Life Force. The knowledge of Keval Kumbhaka, automatic holding of breath to have control over mind, came from Shiva and Shivaa.

In the Kalibadi premises there is arrangements for the spiritual practitioners, at a time around 50 practitioners can stay for residential camp on Kriya-yoga meditation and a meditation hall exists for the purpose. Parama Pujya Swami Nityananda Giri Maharaj jee who used to reside in the Himalayas at Rishikesh and Ganotri of Uttarakhand and Baijnath Dham of Himachal Pradesh now comes and stays here to teach Kriya-yoga. He is conducting residential camps on Kriya-yoga. Prior to that Swami Muktananda of Uttarakasi conducted the camps here.

Kriya-yoga is an ancient knowledge of vital energy, pranavidya, based on inhalation and exhalation to win over mind is taught here. Here energizing exercises, kriya-hatha-yoga, om technique, khechari mudra, guru pranam, hamsa sadhana, mahamudra, breath technique for keval kumbhaka, jyoti mudra, sambhavi mudra are taught. We believe these helps the practitioners to keep mental balance, overcome anxieties and mental tension, keep good physical health, in stress management, in controlling psychosomatic diseases, and in leadership development, personal growth and social services etc. These qualities result in the development of a healthy society.

Any one interested in learning the techniques of Kriya-yoga meditation for self-development and agrees to follow the rules can contact the management for coming program.

ii) Other Activities

a) Kalibadi arranges yogasana (yogic postures) and meditation sessions in the schools around it.

b)On every Saturday one vaidya, a traditional Ayurvedic practitioner with modern botanical knowledge on plants and herbs Shri Sharmajee treats the patients free of cost with herbal medicines only a minimum cost for medicines are charged with no profit.

c)On behalf of Kalibadi plantation and mass awareness on save environment programs are taken up time to time.

d)World Health Day Program is also observed when diagnosis and treatment of diseases are done.

e)Meetings are arranged to develop moral values and faith to God in the local populations.

f)Samkirtan, singing of God’s glory and Bhajan, devotional songs, programs are arranged time to time.

g)On festivals arrangements are made for safe drinking water. Also food and Tiffin is supplied common people on no profit no loss basis.

h)One pond is there in front of the Amgaon Kali temple; the name of the pond is Mahadev Bodi. Here tortoises and fishes are conserved. People used to feed them with a belief that this will dispel bad effects of planets and will bring fortune particularly for those of zodiac sign Pisces.

i)Food donation programs for poor is taken time to time on which any one interested can participate and donate.

j)Time to time Kalibadi arranges annakuta in its premises for local villagers. Annakuta is a tradition when all the villagers get together, cook together and have food on mass gathering as a mark of brotherhood.

Any one who is interested in one or more of the above programs can contact the management for his/her participation.


The Kalibadi is maintained by a trust in the name of Mahakali Siddhapeeth as per the Trust act of 1860, under the leadership of its Founder and Life President, Prof. Mahadeorao Shiwankar, Ex-Member of Parliament (Loksabha) and former minister, Finance and Irrigation of Maharastra State. Shri Dhanjay alias Vijay Shiwankar is a Secretary of Mahakali Siddhapeeth, Amgaon.