Kriyayoga Mahakali Siddhapeeth

Mahakali Siddhapeeth, Kalibadi and Amgaon

Programs for Blessings, Goodwill, Harmony, Self-growth and Social Welfare

  1. Worshiping Light and the Nature, prakash aur prakri pujan: Any devotee can offer 108 lamps, deepas, to Goddess Mahakali at Amgaon Kali Temple in the evening after sunset in memory of their near and dear ones, on birthdays, on marriages or marriage anniversaries and on any days for fulfillment of desires and seeking blessings of Mother Divine. For that he/she has to bring cotton vattis and one liter of oil. Deepas are arranged on the lamp stand and they have put vattis, pour oil and lit on their own. Devotees are only required to give information and reserve dates in advance.
  2. Both at Amgaon Temple and at Kalibadi devotees can perform Abhisek at Morning 6 O’ clock on 8th Day, no-moon day and full-moon day of lunar fortnights. Also they can perform Durga Saptashati Yajna and Mahakali Puja for which special arrangements are made. Devotees have contact and fix dates in advance.
  3. On each Monday one can take part in Abhisek of Shankar Bhagawan, also on the day of Shivratri in each month i.e. 14th day of dark lunar fortnight and on Shivratri day of the year. This is arranged both at Amgaon Temple and at Kalibadi.
  4. Any one can participate in morning and evening Arati at 6.30 hrs at any of both the places.
  5. Special puja, Abhisek and Arati of Sri Siddha Vinayak Ganapatijee is done everyday at Kalibadi. Any one can take part in special puja and abhisek giving information.
  6. Any devotee can observe Navaratri at Amgaon Temple and take part in special puja, ghata sthapan and lighting of deepas. Prior information is a must for these and has to deposit the fixed donation for the participation desired. For ghata sthapan maximum one thousand and eight ghatas are possible one each for a devotee.
  7. Ten thousand and eight deepas are lighted on the days of Deepavali for three days at Amgaon Temple viz. Dhan trayodashi, Naraka Chaturdashi and Mahalakshmi Pujan days. Devotees can participate in this Prakash Parv by taking part in special pujas and lighting of deeps.
  8. At Kalibadi during the Deepavali special Kali Puja is arranged following Puja Pattern of Bengal by calling a priest from West Bengal. Interested devotees can take part giving prior information.
  9. Annakuta and food donation programs are arranged on the 8th day of both the Navaratris and on the day of Kali Puja. Devotees can be a part to these and donate.
  10. Time to time residential camp on Kriya-yoga meditation is arranged at Kalibadi. The information on this is published prior to the camp. For participation, giving prior information, filling the requisite form and medical test are mandatory.